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So speaking of pigeons, if you get a group of pigeons around (because you threw crusty bread) and watch them, have you noticed that there are a lot of “handi-capable” pigeons out there?  Living every day with stumps of legs or missing toes, limping from crumb to crumb?  It nearly breaks your heart.  Well, it breaks my heart and makes me wonder – what sort of epidemic is hitting the pigeon community?  Why do so many of them only have one leg?  (and Yes, I checked to see if they were just standing on one leg)

So common, there’s even a Yoga pose: “One-Legged King Pigeon”


You eat at an outdoor cafe in any city – San Diego, Madrid – and you’ll see pigeons at your feet, begging. Not nearly as cute as ducks and not as popular in beach art as seagulls, but definitely ever-present. And kind of mesmerizing, in their beady-red-eyed way. But for the hundreds of pigeons that gather when I fling my sandwich crusts onto the cement, not a single one is a pig-let. What’s the deal, nature? Where are your young?

Urban Bigfoot?