The headline in German papers today was:

Rupert Murdoch is sure getting a lot of press today.  Who is this dude and how did he get so rich?  And does anyone else think it sounds funny when the BBC says “Beeee-Skye-Beeee?”

Of course, Toddlers in Tiaras.  There’s a new season on in the States right now.  A girl on my facebook MAY have her child shown on TV (turns out, only in background shots).  All worth viewing.

Toddler, without Tiara

And finally, my time in the lap of luxury: Sofitel Berlin, has ended and I needed to pack the (already overstuffed) suitcase that finally arrived with all the H&M things I had purchased when it was “lost”.  So, I googled:  How to pack a suitcase to maximize space.  Which lead me to this:

Brought to you by the International Institute for Modern Butlers.  They suggest putting tissue paper in between items, to keep things like sequins or odors from mingling with other garments.  My clothing has plenty of sequins for sure, but I happened to be fresh out of tissue paper.  And the video goes on for 16 minutes (and has a sequel! …”Unpacking” perhaps?)  So I just rolled everything into burritos and shoved it real good into the bag and then smooshed the whole thing down and zipped.  And thank the lord, everything fit.  I should consider producing a video on this method.